UniMailer 2.1

Send huge amounts of e-mail at once


  • Allows you to send bulk e-mails easily
  • Allows you to track mail
  • Allows you to personalize mass e-mails


  • Doesn't allow images to be inserted in mails

Not bad

If you need a way to send out e-mails to a huge number of contacts then UniMailer helps you reach them.

UniMailer allows you to manage multiple groups of contacts but also makes e-mails to them feel more personal by allowing you to add a separate name to each one. UniMailer allows you to write plain text or HTML messages and supports attachments, although it doesn't seem possible to insert images into e-mails.

You can however track mail after it has been sent so that you get a delivery receipt on arrival. On the other hand, if you need to add lots of statistical data to e-mails, you can import it from Excel, which makes it a particularly useful tool for businesses. After sending, you've got a complete searchable archive of what you've sent, showing when and who to.

Most home users won't find much need for UniMail but small businesses will find it an invaluable tool.



UniMailer 2.1

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